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Robotic Welding Specialists

DesignPro Robotics specialises in providing a wide range of robotic welding solutions and support services to the industrial engineering sector. Our strength lies in our robotic expertise and our in-depth knowledge of the full spectrum of welding processes including pulsed MIG, CMT, LSC and PMC. Our modular automated welding solutions offer several advantages for manufacturers when implementing welding robots into their processes, including faster, consistent cycle times, an increase in production, a safer work environment and better weld quality.

Why Choose Robotic Welding?


Ensures the correct welding angle, speed, and distance with repeatability.



Performs precisely the same weld cycle continuously, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Ability to process welded components three to five times faster than a manual operator.



Improved quality, consistency and productivity results in parts being delivered at a reduced cost.

Services & Support

Getting started with a robotic welding automation project may seem like a daunting task at first, but your success lies in breaking the project down into steps & choosing the right system integrator.


  • We provide expertise in welding processes & provide ongoing support for the robot system
  • Conduct part evaluations & provide weld samples to prove our capabilities
  • Provide system training in our facility
  • Involve your welding department personnel in the selection process
  • Take ownership of the complete system design
  • Use robots that are designed for arc welding & have the appropriate software
  • ISO Certification

Robotic Operator Training

Our dedicated robotic welding training course provides participants with the knowledge to understand the key functions of a welding robot, to develop fundamental robotic programming skills and learn the most advanced mechanised welding techniques.

Welding Cells

As a member of the KUKA System Partner network, DesignPro can offer a number of standard KUKA robotic work cells options. The cells are pre-engineered and readily assembled making integration simple and easy. There are various positioner and configuration options available with the work cell system product line. As system integrators we can help you choose the best work cell solution and robot based on your specific manufacturing and product requirements.

Ready to begin your robotic welding journey?


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